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We become successful by what we get, but we become happy by what we give.

The mission of Suhaila Sabir and her team is to put the client first.  The team succeeds only when the client succeeds. When they give clients their expertise, energy, honesty, full attention, and advocate for their best interest, success will flow and grow.  Their business style is designed around this philosophy.


Suhaila’s vision is to establish her team and her agency as the premier and preferred real estate company in the city of Downey and surrounding Southern California neighborhoods by upholding an unwavering commitment to honesty, persistence and passion that generates a strong network of client relationships based on unsurpassed customer service and proven results.







  1. Every Value listed is a pillar built upon a solid foundation of honesty.
  • A promise to deliver the best services with total honesty.
  • The client’s best interest is the driver of every transaction.
  1. A goal to use creativity and innovative thinking to handle the smallest detail or to solve any last minute, unforeseen issue, without burdening the client.
  2. To educate, guide and support clients in realizing their real estate goals and dreams in a friendly, patient environment.
  3. While the client sees Suhaila and her team as calming counselors, behind the scenes they fight for the client with steady persistence and ambitious negotiating skills.
  4. Suhaila and her team understand that real estate is one the biggest transactions a person will undertake and it will shape their financial future for years to come.  They value the impact of their role in this special partnership.  Together, they promise to give clients unbiased guidance, leading them to the best decision for their future, for their families, and for their investment goals.